• Overcoming the setbacks/Mowing My Dirt
  • STEER Your Life Coaching® is born – What is CBT and DBT
  • How does STEER bring Peace, Passion and Productivity?
  • What is one thing I can start doing that will help me STEER my life?
  • What are 3 questions I can ask myself that will help me when I’m STEERing.

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Information about Kat Hoyer

After a series of unexpected roadblocks, detours, and speed bumps, Kat found herself at a personal and professional crossroads. As she began to course correct, she paid close attention to how she was able to pull herself out of a very dark place to live a life full of Peace, Passion, and Productivity.

From that, She developed the STEER Your Life Coaching® model. This self-coaching model teaches you to #BeTheDriver of your own success. The STEER model has been so successful that Kat’s clients were asking her to create a certification program so that they could teach others. Today, SYLC has coaches teaching this STEER Model to others throughout the world with a large concentration on bringing the program to corporate America.

As a “Recovering HR Manager” Kat understands the positive impact an emotionally healthy workforce can have on a company’s bottom line.  She likes to say that it “Revs their RPMs” Retention, Productivity and Morale.   

What is Kat up to?

We are launching an online talk show called “The Drive” on August 3rd on Facebook live and YouTube.

We have another Certification Program starting in Sept.

For local Akron peeps we are doing free guided meditation at noon in Cascade Plaza every Thursday this summer and we will be moving into our office in downtown Akron for the colder months.

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