2020 starts a year of questions thanks to Kat Hoyer and Brenda Colter of STEER Your Life Consulting and host of The Drive Talk Show.

Day 4 of the KEY Challenge. Here was the narrative that came with today’s question – Self Awareness is so important when trying to make lasting changes in our lives. When we get really honest, we may find habits or thoughts that creep in for us that stop us from reaching our full potential. Take some contemplative time today to see if that may be true for you. Resist the urge to name any outside forces and focus solely on your own thoughts, emotions and actions. After all, that is all we have control over.

At first I thought this would be an easy one, until I read – resist the urge to name any outside forces. This is one I will be spending more time on, but here is my response in this moment.

Ask why, as if you are a four year old. My first quick response would have been a item out there on the fringes of my life. Bad habits being one.

But then I started asking why?

The root of much of the incomplete goals – I don’t think me worthy, or important enough. I don’t make myself a priority. That is where I self-sabotage.

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