2020 starts a year of questions thanks to Kat Hoyer and Brenda Colter of STEER Your Life Consulting and host of The Drive Talk Show.

Every day I will post a short snippet of my answer to the daily question.

January 3, 2020

I would start this question by going back and telling my younger self not to listen to what other people want you to do and forge your own path.

My biggest mistake was not doing what I really wanted to do pretty much my entire life. I always listened and did what others thought best for me. From there many more mistakes were made as I pushed hard against a life I didn’t want.

This has led me down the path of many regrets, especially as I get older.

When I was younger I wasn’t brave enough nor did I have the tools to build my own path. But I am a different person now. My life is my own and I don’t take into account what others “feel” is best for me.

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