Are you being true to you? 

If you can even dare to ask yourself that question, you are in a good position to actually be true to you.  Even if you think you can’t.

When I hit 40, and was doing some serious contemplation about my life, I would realize just how lucky I was to even have that luxury of thought.  I doubt that my grandmother, after long hard hours on the farm, with all those kids, societal expectations of women during that time, and that drunk of a husband, would have the time, energy, or even the audacity to ask herself that question.

Be bold with your life

If you are reading this, bold is a choice you can make.  Change is a choice you can make. Take a stance with your life. Don’t let life drag you around by the hair anymore.

Pick one thing right now and get started.

The impact of a bold choice

A quick video I made regarding the bold choice I made to change my life in 2012.

Please note the program talked about at the end of the video is not available at this time, but will be offered again soon!

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