Stay on track over the holidays

A great conversation with Heather Shrouds of Joy Thru Fitness. Heather is an award winning triathlete, who offers us some tips on staying on track during the holidays – that go beyond staying away from all that pie!

You can find a previous interview with Heather on the podcast episode – Heather Shrouds – from 100 pounds overweight to award winning triathlete

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Online dating after 50

Shelly and Leanne, each with their own success, have some tips for you to navigate dating and online dating after 50.

Have fun! Don’t go in with a narrow focus of finding your husband or one and only. If you do you will miss out on lots of great opportunities.

Set up a profile and just go in a look around. You are not obligated to talk to anyone. Get your feet wet first.

The most important tip is to have your act together. Do some inner work on yourself, and figure out what you truly want in life and find someone who complements that!

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How to be happy when circumstances are less than ideal

Interview with Jill Valdez


1. Conditions are never going to be perfect but you can find good anyway

2. Using adversity to your advantage

3. Positively persevering until the storm passes

If you want to be happy when circumstances are less than ideal, you have to persist until things get better.

You can find Jill at

Jill has been helping people for over 18 years … helping with better systems for their company, helping with better communication, helping with overcoming obstacles that keep them from being all that they are purposed to be.  For 15 years, she was in the non-profit sector, at both a start-up and an established corporation. In 2016, a corporate restructure caused Jill to have to figure out what she wanted to do for her new career.  She went back to school and finished her BA in Psychology, got a job as a project manager, started her MS (which she completed in November, 2018), developed to Director of HR and realized everything she did in the non-profit world was relevant in the for-profit sector. Jill’s passion for helping companies has led her to the launch of LINK … helping companies improve people management and team development in order to get to the next level, now.

Jill will give listeners a free next-level strategy session. After your 45 minutes, you will have actionable steps to immediately implement without a high pressure sales pitch.

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Intentional Conversations with Lila Smith

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Video Version Below

Lila Smith used to think that being a professional actress would be the best way to use her love of storytelling to make a difference that mattered in the world. After spending 20 years training and 10 years professionally performing to great acclaim in NYC and around the US, she still felt there was more. More connection, more honesty, and more impact to be had- offstage, in real life.

That’s why Lila created Say Things Better, a 5-Step method of Intentional Communication based on the best tools she learned in theater. Combined with experience in e-commerce, she took inventory of a life that didn’t fit and re-scripted a new one.Website:


Social Handles: @lilalasagna, @saythingsbetter on IG, Lila Smith on LinkedIn. 

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Purpose and Passion – Stop looking and start doing

Have you seen my purpose and passion? Stop looking and start doing. Find the things and then do the things. Keep the things you enjoy and discard those you don’t. There is where you will find what really fuels that fire!

Read the blog post here –

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Join the 3 Day Self-Awareness Challenge

So many changes since turning 50!  Empty nest, divorce, new relationships, career changes, and let’s not forget menopause!  

It’s also a time where we are ready to connect with who we are at this stage.  But who is this gal? Do we know? 

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I had a good friend die

But it did not cause me to freak out about my own life

The death of my friend Gary, while a complete shock, did not give me pause on my own life. Because I have created a life I love.

Video version below

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Listen to the time I ran away from home – at 50!

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Interview with Heather Shourds

As women we are always taking care of everyone else, but when it comes to loving ourselves that is the hardest thing to do.

Through her own personal experience with her weight loss of 100lbs and a total lifestyle transformation it has inspired Heather to discover her gifts, and talents.

From a 100 pounds overweight to becoming an award winning triathlete

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Relationships Over 50 – A Conversation with Leanne Bennet

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I was so happy to have back a previous guest – Leanne Bennet. This episode was pulled from a Facebook live conversation. Leanne has interesting advice for us women over 50 when it comes to keeping romance off the back burner.

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You can find Leanne at Third Quarter Life and on Facebook at Unsuck Your Love Life.