Failure is Fun

Another episode of Friday Fun with Shelly and Leanne.

Can failure be fun? Sure it can, as long as no one is seriously injured. Lessons are learned from failure and we plan on dusting ourselves off, revamping, and getting back on the road.

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2020 Key Challenge

I am so honored to be the first call in guest on The Drive Talk Show, hosted by Kat Hoyer and Brenda Colter. We chatted about the 2020 Key Challenge – which is one self-awareness question a day, sent to you via text.

In this episode I talked about the importance of habits and routines and their impact on self-awareness.

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Words of Wisdom – 2019 Podcast Guests

So much goodness wrapped up in this short podcast. I took the short promo pieces from the 2019 guest of the podcast and put them into one.

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Video Version

Self Improvement Purgatory

Too much self-improvement? Step away from the books and videos and do the one thing to really make change.

Just start!

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You Tube

Running away from home

Interview with Jara Lindgren – Love yourself, be seen, and be heard

Jara shares her experience accepting a gift and giving a gift to a homeless person, and how these moments changed her life forever. Jara has a beautiful message about loving yourself, being seen, and being heard.

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Stay on track over the holidays

A great conversation with Heather Shrouds of Joy Thru Fitness. Heather is an award winning triathlete, who offers us some tips on staying on track during the holidays – that go beyond staying away from all that pie!

You can find a previous interview with Heather on the podcast episode – Heather Shrouds – from 100 pounds overweight to award winning triathlete

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Online dating after 50

Shelly and Leanne, each with their own success, have some tips for you to navigate dating and online dating after 50.

Have fun! Don’t go in with a narrow focus of finding your husband or one and only. If you do you will miss out on lots of great opportunities.

Set up a profile and just go in a look around. You are not obligated to talk to anyone. Get your feet wet first.

The most important tip is to have your act together. Do some inner work on yourself, and figure out what you truly want in life and find someone who complements that!

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