You’ve heard this thing called midlife can be the most exciting time right?

Midlife can also be an infuriating time, trying to figure out who you are now and where you want to go. The dreams and goals you have, but where to start?

Where do you start?

You ever feel like your life is another room you walk into and can’t quite figure out what to do or why you are even there.

The struggle to place your finger on what is missing is real. It’s a struggle after many decades of being what you “should” be, and doing what others want.

The Life Redesigned Mastermind is designed to give you that jump start to figuring out just where in the heck you want to be now. Mastermind group will be open to only five women.

In this mastermind you are with other women, rowing their boats in the same direction, with the same struggles, and questions. You will be armed with your action taking tool-kit, ready to hit the road toward your redesigned life.

The Toolkit

Core Values

  • What are your core values?
  • Are you fulling integrating them into your life?
  • Why are core values important?


  • How do they form?
  • Learn the right point to intercept the habit loop.
  • Willpower, 21 days of habit forming, and sabotage – three things that we have been getting wrong!

Weekly Check Ins

  • Weekly Zoom meetings to get feedback or support from others, which you can join live or get the recording.

Questions? Email me at

This mastermind beta group will be a 30-day process, starting in October, with a financial commitment of $100. We will hold four online meetings, and provide email or text support, in addition to a tool-kit of resources.

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