What would I tell my 2010 self?

2020 starts a year of questions thanks to Kat Hoyer and Brenda Colter of STEER Your Life Consulting and host of The Drive Talk Show.

January 2, 2020

That I am grateful you took the that brave step and ran off to Colorado. That one choice saved my life.  I needed someone to be brave for me, to pull me out of the mess I was in. You helped me know and understand that it is okay for me to stand up for myself and that I am worthy of good in my life.

While I don’t always honor the braveness of you, I do sometimes stray off the path we are on together, because of you I am able to get back on rather quickly with minimal damage done. I am grateful for my life today and I am grateful for you. Keep making those brave choices.

Thank you!

You can listen to the podcast about the time my younger self took that brave step that changed my life forever!